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I have a Charter Contract, can my price change? *

Normally not once the Contract has been signed, however if your quoted itinerary changes or fuel cost skyrockets then the price could change. 


How far in advance should I make Tour or Charter Reservations?

This is classically the case, "The Sooner The Better." We have busy periods where Charter dates are booked well in advance and popular Tours fill up quick. The further in advance you reserve, the better your chances of getting the Charter dates or Tours and seating you want.


Can seats be reserved on a Tour?

Yes, but only after we receive your final payment can we consider a seating request. We will then, in all fairness, do our very best to honor your request. The sooner we receive your final payment, the greater your chance of getting the seat you want. WE DO NOT HAVE SEAT-ROTATION!! That way your carry-on items will remain within your reach for the entire trip.

Does a lower price mean a better deal?

Not necessarily! There are companies that quote "low ball" prices to win your immediate business. It costs the same to operate comparable Motor Coaches. If you find prices much lower, beware! They are likely skimping somewhere such as: Maintenance, Insurance, Driver Training, Cleaning, Equipment, and on Tours, they may not offer On board Refreshments, Good Restaurants, Clean Hotels, Clean Bus or a Tour Host that doesn't do anything more than sit in their seat the whole trip! You may be quoted a good price but end up with much older buses than their ad leads you to believe. The AC & Heat works sometimes and it may or may not have good video/audio equipment. You might not know you're getting this Motor Coach until it pulls up. Still sounds like a good deal? With us, you'll get good CLEAN, WELL MAINTAINED EQUIPMENT with amenities for your comfort and pleasure, at a fair price! Not to mention a Driver and Activities Director that has your best interest first and foremost! So, why go elsewhere? We're here for YOU!

Are you Licensed, Insured, Bonded, have a good Federal Safety Rating, and have full Federal & State Operating Authorities?

Yes we are. That is a question you should ask all Bus Companies. All Passengers are Insured while on the Motor Coach only. Quest USA Tours & Charters LLC is not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged Personal items. We have a $5,000,000.00 (million) Insurance Policy with Proof of Insurance available for your viewing upon request. We have a good FMCSA Safety Rating which not all companies have and you should check before booking . We have both Federal & State Operating Authorities.

How long can we drive in one day?

Federal Law stipulates: A Driver may drive no more than 10 hours or on duty no more than 15 hours, whichever comes first, before being required to take a minimum of 8 uninterrupted hours off. If your Itinerary requires more driving time, you may be required to pay for a Co-Driver or Relay Driver. Call, fax, mail or e-mail your Quote. We will gladly help you make Itinerary adjustments that works best for you.

Can we bring food and drinks on board and what else is or isn't permitted? *

We take great pride in maintaining clean Motor Coaches for YOUR comfort! We allow screw on lid drinks, absolutely NO GUM or dairy products due to milk spoils and requires an extra cost to get rid of the smell. Our Motor Coaches are cleaned after each trip, but due to scheduling, seats may not have time to dry if we allowed wet clothes so therefore for your sake we don't allow this. Be sure to bring a change of dry clothes and a water proof container for wet clothes. We can and will make stops for breaks, per your requirements.

We are overnighting. Do we have to provide a room and meals for the Driver or Activities Director?

Most all overnight trips require groups to provide a private room for the Driver and Activities Director, if needed. If the Driver and Activities Director are a couple, then only one room will be needed. Paid meals are not required but are very much appreciated.

What is the difference between a Tour and Charter?

A Tour is where Individuals purchase a seat or seats. Example: You go on a trip to Alaska with folks you may or may not be acquainted with. This trip is prearranged by the Tour (Bus) Company and is usually accompanied by an Activities Director.

A Charter is a trip where a Group Representative signs a Contract for their Group. Example: A School Teacher contracts a Charter (Bus) Company to take her class on a Field Trip.

What is your payment and cancellation policy? *

TOURS: A $50 Deposit Per Person is required at Booking of reservations. Please try hard to get final payments into us 30-days prior to Tour departure. We would hate for you to miss out going due to tickets, lodging or other prior reservations needed. We offer a full refund with no questions asked up to 24hrs prior to departure minus any non-refundable reservation deposits. If less than 24hrs, then a credit of the amount you paid will be given toward a future trip of your choice. If at time of Tour Departure, you're a "NO-SHOW" (a person that doesn't show up and hasn't informed us of such) then there might not be a refund or credit given, per our discrestion. Payments made by Check must be received in Office by 10 days prior to Tour departure date.

CHARTERS: For Charter customers we require:

1.) A $100 Deposit per Bus is due within 7 days of signing Contract to hold your requested date(s).

2.) The final payment and Itinerary is due 30 days prior to departure. Itineraries must be received by 2 weeks prior to departure date for review by Quest USA Tours & Charters LLC before Contract final acceptance approval will be signed.

3.) For Cancellations less than 30 days prior to departure date(s) we retain the right to keep or credit, Deposits including but not limited to non-refundable reservation deposits such as Show tickets, Race tickets, Motel deposits, etc... at our discrestion. For Cancellations less than 7 days prior to departure date(s) we retain the right to keep or credit full or partial amount(s) of all monies paid, at our discrestion.

4.) Sport Teams (ONLY) having to cancel or reschedule due to weather conditions must call at least 2-hours in advance to avoid a possible $200 charge due to needing to compensate our Driver(s) already en-route to Motor Coach. If we can contact our Driver(s) before they leave home then we'll gladly give a refund minus any non-refundable reservation deposits.

Is a Driver's or Activities Director's tip included and what should we tip?

Tips are not included unless it has been prearranged. We encourage tipping the Driver and Activities Director for excellent service, leaving the amount up to your group. The Industry Standard is about 10% of total trip cost or about $1 to $2 per person per day, on multiple day trip. We ask that you DO-NOT tip the Driver or Activities Director if less than excellent service has been provided! If this is the case, please call the office and we'll correct the problem. We take great pride in having Professional Employees!

Who pays for parking, tolls, and other fees?

For Charters: Tolls, Parking fees, State Park fees, Access fees, etc... will be the responsibility of your group at the time the fees are incurred.

What happens if our Charter runs into overtime?

It depends on how much time is involved whether or not we pro-rate you the additional time you have the Motor Coach at your service.

What forms of payment do you accept? *

We also accept business and personal checks up to 30 days in our Office prior to departure and of course, CASH!

Am I able to visit your office and look at your Motor Coaches? Absolutely, we encourage it! We'd love to see you! Just give us a call to make sure our Motor Coaches will be available. We do not charge for delays due to unforeseen traffic, en-route weather, or mechanical issues. Unscheduled overtime can be a burden on us. The Motor Coach and/or Driver's schedules may or may not permit overtime. We want to have satisfied customers, therefore we'll have no problem working with you if scheduling permits!

What happens if there is a mechanical failure or something does not work in the Coach?

We pride ourselves in having well maintained equipment with working amenities. However, as is with anything mechanical or electronic, sometimes things work fine one minute then fail without warning the next. Be assured we will do everything in our power to correct the situation ASAP. We'll provide a replacement Motor Coach if we determine the need for such. Our responsibility to the group will not exceed the Chartered amount. We're not responsible for any subsequent losses as a result of an unforeseen Motor Coach failure. We highly recommend Trip Insurance for such instances. Unforeseen failures of equipment not resulting in the cancellation of the trip is not justification for a credit or refund.

We would like to depart at 12:00 am. Is this acceptable?

We will do our best to accommodate your group's schedule. Our priority is SAFELY conveying your group to it's destination. All Itineraries must be approved prior to departure. We will require a Co-Driver or Driver Relay if your Itinerary dictates it. We are always happy to assist you with scheduling your Itinerary.

With the push to be Eco-conscious, what does Quest USA Tours & Charters do to be "Green"?

We do our best to contribute to the environment's health by reducing the carbon footprint of traveling groups. Traveling by Motor Coach is the most ecologically sound method of transportation available. We reduce road-way traffic by removing up to 55 cars off the road per Motor Coach trip. The carbon footprint of a single diesel Motor Coach is significantly smaller than the many cars it would take to move the same number of people. In fact a passenger on a Motor Coach uses 85% less fuel than a passenger in a Hybrid Car. Our carbon dioxide output is a lot less than a Jet-Liner, Train, or vehicles you'd have to rent once you arrive.



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